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Fase Anagen

Anagen, catagen and telogen are the main phases of the hair life cycle. During the first phase, hair is growing, all while cell proliferation takes place within the scalp. This anagen phase is of special importance because it is independent in each hair, lasts up to 7 years, and is influenced by our lifestyle. In fact, there are certain factors that can lengthen and shorten it.


Hair and thinning

Hair begins its growth phase as early as the womb. Throughout life, hair lengthens, grows and sometimes falls out.

There are different types of hair thinning, or thinning, which can affect both men and women. Among the most common cases of alopecia are androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and hair effluvium.


Anagen and hair cycle

Each hair follows a life cycle independent of the others. It consists of 3 main phases that follow one another as they progress. The first phase, and also the longest, is the anagen phase. This period, which has a minimum duration of 2 years but can extend up to 6 or 7, simultaneously involves up to 90% of the hair we have. Each of these isstimulated to grow from the bulb present within the scalp, under the skin.

In this layer, cell proliferation takes place at the same time. This means thatnew hair bulbs are generated from basic cells.

After the anagen phase, hair enters the next phases, telogen and catagen, until natural hair loss. Following this, new hair is generated from the hair bulb ready to re-enter the anagen phase for growth, and so on.


Anagen phase stimulators

Our lifestyle has a major impact on the anagen phase of hair growth. First of all, it should be considered that hair is a structure mainly made up of keratin, or protein. To ensure continuous and natural growth it is therefore necessary to take in sufficient protein. These can be taken in mainly through the consumption of meat, fish, legumes, nuts and grains.

At the same time, however, hair needs vitamins to develop. Among the main ones are vitamin A, vitamin C and E. Green leafy vegetables, berries, and shrimp are recommended for taking these substances.

In addition, mineral salts such as zinc, copper and iron are needed, as well as fatty acids. The main substances that contain them are eggs, legumes and and nuts.


Anagen phase limiters

Among the foods there are some that limit the hair growth that occurs during this phase. In particular, the first is sugar. This substance limits protein absorption, in turn leading to thinning of the hair. Consequently, it has a major impact on hair growth that relies mainly on protein.

At the same time, alcohol is a habit that should be limited as much as possible as it reduces the body’s absorption of zinc and dehydrates the body, making hair more brittle.