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One of the most used supplements to stimulate hair regrowth and fight  baldness is Annurmets. This is a product based on Melannurca Campana IGP, a special apple variety that grows only in the countryside of the Neapolitan region.

Its uniqueness don’t lies just in its taste or in the way it is processed, which is carried out exclusively by hand from harvesting to drying on a Trucioli expanse. In fact, fruit contains special substances that can increase keratin production and strengthen the hair, from growth through to maintenance.


The Melannurca history

This variety of apple was already known in pre-Roman times by the population of Campania. The name comes from “Mala Orcula”, which recalls the door of the underworld of Lake Avernus described by Pliny the Elder.

For the past three years, the fruit has been studied at the University Federico II of Naples, in the Department of Pharmacy. The reason? The nutritional properties of the apple are unique in the world.


Annurmets and properties

The particularity of Melannurca and Annurmets lies in its nutritional content. In fact, eating these apples, or similarly taking the supplement, means stimulate the hair growth, the maintenance and pigmentation through minerals like selenium, biotin and copper.

Specifically, for each daily dose including 2 tablets there are 55 mg of selenium, 0.1 mg of biotin and 0.3 mg of copper.

To this must be added the presence of Procyanidine B2, more than four times higher than other types of apples, which stimulates the hair growth.

The results of using the hair supplement are already visible in one month. However, in order to maintain the results obtained, the therapy must be prolonged over time..


The Annurmets Clinical Study

Researchers at the University of Naples Federico II conducted a study of 250 people with hypercholesterolemia. Participants were divided into two groups: the first one had to take 2 capsules of Annurmets for 30 days, the second one had to take them  for 60 days.

Results showed a final 12% decrease in LDL cholesterol, the “negative” cholesterol, along with a 15% increase in HDL cholesterol, the “positive” cholesterol.

At the same time, participants in both groups noticed a considerable increase in hair density, with positive results after 30 days and very noticeable after 60 days.

In the department responsible for the study, research is still in progress to configure the phenomenon of temporary alopecia caused by drugs such as anticancer drugs.


Where to buy Annurmets

Annurmet supplements can be purchased in major pharmacies and resellers authorized. It can also be found in many websites, which also guarantee very short delivery times.

Each blister contains 30 tablets of 550 mg to be taken in 15 days, or 2 a day, on an empty stomach.


General Warnings and Contraindications

There are no side effects to report. The only warnings concern the use, which is not recommended for children under the age of 3 years, and the storage, which should preserved in cool places and not exposed to heat sources.