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Applements Hair

AppleMets hair is a dietary supplement that has been highly discussed in recent times. Its notoriety is related to hair-related benefits in terms of regrowth and health. The secret ingredient of which this product is made is Melannurca Campana IGP, a special variety of apple.

But what are the effects of AppleMets on hair? Can the use of this supplement be an alternative to baldness remedies?


What is AppleMets Hair

AppleMets Hair refers to one of the anti-hair loss supplements on the market. It contains extracts of Melannurca Campana IGP and mineral salts such as copper, zinc and selenium. Such a supplement is purchasable in pharmacies or online retailers and is taken via capsules taken orally.

The use of AppleMets Hair can affect both men and women with problems related to calvaceousness. The minimum duration of treatment is typically 4 weeks.


AppleMets Hair and Melannurca Campana

The benchmark properties of the AppleMets Hair supplement come from the presence of extracts of Melannurca Campana IGP. This variety of apple, which grows mainly in the Campania region, is internationally recognized and protected. Its specialty is due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, as well as the presence of a lot of fiber.

Effect on hair

A team of researchers from the Federico II University of Naples conducted a scientific research in 2018 with the aim of studying the relationship between this apple and hair. The study looked at a sample of people with androgenetic alopecia, one of the most common conditions of hair loss.

What was highlighted by the research is how, after a period of taking the fruit, concrete effects on hair were measured. More specifically, most of those involved reported a stimulation of hair growth, an increase in the number of hairs, their weight and the density of keratin present within them.

How AppleMets works

The mechanism by which AppleMets works is largely due to the large presence of a particular flavonoid, Procyanidin B2. Procyanidine B2, in addition to being present in apples, is also found in cocoa beans, cinnamon, and some apple varieties.

Its function on hair has been clearly determined: it acts on the lifecycle of each hair, allowing it to lengthen the anagen growth phase. At the same time, due to its anti-oxidant effect, it fortifies hair and ensures its health over time.


Efficacy on hair and alternatives

There are not many studies highlighting the effectiveness of AppleMets Hair and Procyanidine B2 on hair growth. According to modern medicine, the use of the supplement, which should always be recommended by a specialist, cannot be compared with the available alternatives.
In fact, unlike medicines such as finasteride or minoxidil, the effects of Melannurca are very limited.

Use can certainly help, but in support of more effective therapy. If the patient’s goal is then to regrowhair in areas where it has fallen out forever or greatly increase density. he or she should rely on a hair transplant.