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Baldness is one of the things that scares the most men and women of all age. Yes, because thinking that it is a problem that can only appear when you are beyond your years is definitely a mistake that can delay the search for a solution that can improve the situation.

Let’s start by saying that baldness is closely related to the phenomena of follicular miniaturization and that’s why it is not a simple synonym for hair loss. It is completely misused when the term is used in this sense.

However, it should also be noted that the most frequent cause of hair loss is precisely the genetic predisposition. It is, therefore, a hereditary disorder that tends to appear with age and that, very often, follows a very precise pattern. It starts with the hairline and vertex and gradually the hair is lost all over the head.


Risk factors for baldness

As mentioned, genetic predisposition is the first and most important risk factor for baldness. When it comes to look for the best solution against baldness, it is impossible not to take this into consideration. For this reason, the hair transplantation is almost always necessary when dealing with this issue and you want to return to have a healthy and strong hair.

It is important to remember that there are also some risk factors that cause hair loss. These range from hormonal changes in pregnancy, childbirth and menopause to various health problems such as thyroid. We should also remember that there is stress alopecia as well as that caused by unhealthy eating habits. In these cases, it should be emphasized that there is a chance that the situation will be fixed almost completely spontaneously. If the causes of alopecia are treated, then the hair will grow back.

In androgenetic alopecia this does not happen: the lost hair does not grow back spontaneously but it is necessary to find a solution. The best one? The hair transplantation, without any doubt. Nowadays this medical operation is no longer as intrusive as it once was and that is why more and more people decide to take the plunge, to be able to regain self-confidence and a little self-esteem.


Is prevention possible?

When we talk about baldness, we often wonder whether or not it is possible to prevent it. Let’s try to give a concrete answer. As mentioned, male baldness and female baldness are caused by genetic factors. It is complicated, therefore, to prevent. What is certain, however, is that it is possible to improve the condition and health of the hair so as to try to postpone the onset of hair loss at least for a while. The advice, therefore, is to try to avoid ponytails and tight, pulled-back hairstyles as much as possible. You should not, then, use aggressive products for the hair and this is the advice that should always be followed and not only if you are at risk of baldness.

The same goes for hair straighteners, aggressive treatments such as permanent and everything that could damage the structure of the hair. The hair should also be protected from UV rays, which worsen the situation of hair loss, and from cigarette smoke, which is so harmful not only to health but also to our hair.