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It is often the case, especially for women, that their hair are fragile, weak and breaks easily..

The reasons for this phenomenon includes  internal causes, like stress, but also external ones, like frequent cosmetic treatments.

In these cases, there are treatments that can be aproached to improve the situation. However, nutrition also plays an important role in hair’s health.


What is brittle hair

Brittle hair refers to a situation in which the hair is weak, shows damage to the hair shafts and has any shine.

This condition comes from a  series of contributing causes, both internal and external.

Internal causes of brittle hair

These are also known as endogenous causes. First of all, diet. In fact, having a  poor diet with less  proteins, minerals and vitamins can weaken the hair’s structure , which gradually becomes fragile.

Another endogenous cause is stress.  Living a very stressful life, with any relief valve, can seriously harm the hair health. Because of this, skin irritations could take place on the scalp, and at the same time, the hair could get thinnier. Stress can also lead to hair loss.

External causes of brittle hair

Examples of external causes that make hair brittle are direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight without protection, the presence of pollutants in the air and excessive frequency of cosmetic treatments such as straighteners, dyes, shatush and so on.


Symptoms and diagnosis

As highlighted in the previous paragraph, the main symptoms of hair brittle condition are the absence of shine, thin hair and its weakness. These are all conditions that weaken the structure of the hair, encouraging it to fall out.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it may be helpful  to visit an expert in the field.

In fact, it’s important to understand what kind of hair stage advancement fibrous you are in. For example, a lack of keratin could lead to a lower protection of the hair, while the absence of cuticle could greatly increase the risk of baldness.


How to act

The first step is to have a consult with a professionist in the field, which will personally analyze your situation and give you advices on some aspects to be followed. The most important thems in which you have to give focus on are nutrition, targeted treatments and some general advice.

Nutrition for damaged hair

If it is true that “we are what we eat”, this is even more true if you suffer from bad hair conditions.. Maintaining a varied and balanced diet is the basis of our health and also that of our hair..

In this sense, one of the main sources of health for our hair comes from proteins, which are used to synthesize keratin, the basis of the hair.

Other important substances are minerals, like copper, selenium, and magnesium, along with vitamins especially the A and B groups.

Therefore, meats, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and dairy products are recommended.


Targeted treatments and general advice

Targeted medical treatments are available for some particular hair conditions. These are evaluated by the doctor following the patient, and a diet will be given or recommended by him. These are for example reduce the number of hair cosmetic treatments, reduce the source of stress if you lead a stressful life or provide for the use of special shampoos  for brittle hair.