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Patient of 37 years, came to visit because of a widespread thinning particularly in the crown.

Medical history: The progression has been slow over the years, with a worsening in the last period.

Familiarity with positive baldness.

The patient has never had any previous treatment.

Assessment: On careful examination with a high magnification dermatoscope the patient had a very high number of miniature and vellus hair.

So the hair bulbs were still present and alive but not in a resting phase (Telogen).

Comments: The patient is an excellent candidate for regenerative therapy with PRP and stem cells of the bulb, in combination with a maintenance therapy with personalized lotion to be done daily at home.

Therapeutic protocol: 1 session with Bulb Stem Cells, 1 session of PRP and maintenance therapy with personalized lotion to be performed at home daily.

The purpose of this protocol is to push the miniaturized hair back into a growth phase (Anagen Phase) and prevent the future loss of the rest of the hair, inevitable in a subject suffering from androgenetic alopecia and with positive familiarity.

Photo: The result shown is 4 months after the start of therapy.

The improvement will be progressive over the next few months