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Hairline Hair Transplant
Clinical Case Dr. Chiara Insalaco

Number of follicular units: 2500

Patient age: 43 years old

Type of technique: Fue C2G partially shaved. Shaved donor area, unshaved receiving area

Engravings: needle 20 gauge first line, 19 gauge second line, 1.2mm blade the rest.

Punch used: 0.95mm tightened punch Cole Instruments®

Treated zone: First line and front area

Intervention carried out: 2 months ago, result in progress…

Comment: As you can see from the photo of the patient the hair-line has been drawn symmetrically but irregularly to give a very natural look and not “fake”.
The irregularity is to be distinguished from the asymmetry. An important concept that has yet to be well understood especially by many surgeons.