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What are the causes of alopecia? This is a question that one must ask oneself if one does not want to face an increasingly consistent and unstoppable loss of hair. In many cases, in fact, the situation could be reversible by taking some measures, which allow you to resolve the situation in a more or less short time.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is always useful to remember that one must learn to recognize the various types of alopecia, so as to identify their causes and, above all, to find possible remedies. Not in all cases, in fact, will it be necessary to go for a hair transplant and it is good to understand when you can do without it.

Cause alopecia: let’s take stock

The causes of alopecia are many and it is good to know all of them. Although there is a tendency to think that hair falls out only because of androgenetic alopecia. The causes of hair loss are many and should be analyzed so as not to err on the side of decisive intervention.

Certainly, as mentioned, androgenetic alopecia is the form most commonly associated with hair loss and calvariety. In this case, little can be done if the genetic predisposition is very strong to miniaturization and the situation has already been compromised. The advice in these cases is to consider the hair transplantation as a definitive solution. We know well that this can be scary but the necessary clarifications must be made.

As of today, in fact, hair transplantation is no longer as painful and invasive as it once was. New technologies and new forms of transplantation have been introduced and, for this reason, considering this solution is less difficult than ever. Remember, in case of permanent and non-reversible hair loss, this is the only thing to consider if you want to have real and long-lasting results.

But hair falls out for other causes as well. For example,stress hair loss is certainly not uncommon. With the busy lives we are all forced to lead every day, with work stress and so many other forms of pressure, hair loss can be a reality. In this case, it will be enough to go and reverse it. How? By going to eliminate the source of stress and taking care of yourself so as to allow a rebalancing of the situation.

This advice is also valid if there is a hair loss due to bad habits. A bad diet, rich in fat and poor in good nutrients, too much alcohol or smoking can cause hair loss. Again, the solution is to go about reversing it. How? Eating better, eliminating smoking and alcohol: all things that are good for your health at 360 degrees.

Finally, we would like to point out that the life cycle of the hair also involves hair loss and, therefore, at certain times it is completely normal and physiological. This can occur especially during periods of change of season and is something that should not in any way scare you. As you note, the causes of alopecia are and can be really many. Learning to recognize them will help you identify the best of the solutions to consider in order to have a flowing and healthy hair again.