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Are there contraindications to the use of Serenoa Repens?This is one of the main questions asked by users of the natural extract for the treatment of problems related to prostate enlargement.

Although it is a product of natural origin, before undergoing therapy based on Serenoa Repens (SR), it is essential to know its properties and to be authorized by a competent physician.


What is Serenoa Repens

Serenoa is a small, dwarf plant that grows in subtropical areas of the United States of America. A substance is extracted from its berries that can be used to combat symptoms related tobenign prostatic hyperplasia.

Some scientific studies also report benefits regarding androgenetic alopecia, or classic hair loss. In the latter case, however, it would be a secondary therapy to the main one, based, for example, on drugs such as finasteride.


General advice

In the age of the Internet and smartphones, any information is accessible in a matter of seconds. In this context, upon the occurrence of a problem such as calvariety, the risk is to become informed too quickly and take a path that is then erroneous.

For these reasons, before taking SR or any other natural or medical substance,it is essential to follow the directions of an experienced physician specializing in the field.
In the case of hair loss, for example, it is advisable to consult a specialized surgeon or a tricologist.


Contraindications of Serenoa Repens

The history of SR is tens of thousands of years long. In fact, berries containing the “miracle” substance have been used for centuries and centuries without properly knowing its effects on our bodies.

Thanks to the advent of modern medicine, we are now able to fully characterize the substance.

In general, scientific studies conducted on it suggest that the use of Serenoa Repens is safe for most people, with exceptions.

General contraindications

First of all, the use of SR follows studies and validations conducted on a population of adult men and women with no ongoing pathology. For this reason, the use of the substance is not recommended in children and especially in pregnant or lactating women.

The contraindications of SR are then inextricably linked to the side effects that may arise. As reported in some scientific studies, continued use of SR can result in the onset of headaches, fatigue, but especially decreased libido. Similarly, the substance should not be used by those suffering from high blood pressure and frequent dysentery.

Although these effects are generally reversible, they should be taken into consideration before undergoing such treatment,

It is also strongly advised to stick to the recommended daily amounts, for the agreed period, without exceeding even in the case of a single forgetfulness.

Specific indications

Before taking SR, it is appropriate to seek the advice of a competent physician. In fact, the active ingredient is administered through capsules that, inside, could contain other substances of which we are intolerant or allergic.