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In the last period we often hear about iGrow, a solution for hair regrowth based on laser therapy..

The system consist on wearing a helmet that produces lights that allow the absorption of energy by hair follicles. These would grow stronger and thicker.

But does it really work?


How iGrow works

The iGrow system is nothing more than a helmet that you wear on your head to promote hair regrowth. It is distributed by the American company Apira Science and can be ordered from the reseller site and online shopping channels.

It is composed in the internal part of some photodiodes and LEDs that emit a “low energy” light. According to the retailer, this solution would allow the regrowth of existing hair in order to strengthen the bulbs and prevent hair loss..


The technology of iGrow

According to the provider, the technology used is based on LLLTs, or Low Level Light Therapy. The term refers to a therapy based on a pulsed light at a specific wavelength and low energy.

Although the exact mechanism by which LLLT devices work is not fully known, some research has shown how it can stimulate cellular activity..

At the same time, there would be any side effects.


The safety of the solution

The product can be used without contraindications or side effects on both men and women of legal age.

The US FDA agency has not yet officially approved the product, which remains only “cleared”. This means that it can be used in an initial experimental phase pending definitive results on a larger scale.


After results

The iGrow helmet-based treatment must be repeated 4 times a week for at least 4 weeks before seeing results. Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes; application should be done every other day.

After the first month the first results begin to appear, which consist of an increase in hair density and partial regrowth.

The maximum results can be obtained after about 4-6 months from the beginning of the treatment. Following this period, however, weekly sessions should be scheduled in order to maintain the results obtained.


iGrow vs hair transplant

An immediate comparison is possible between the solution of iGrow and the hair transplantation..

First of all, as reported on the official website of the retailer,the results that can be obtained with the iGrow helmet are not entirely predictable, but it changes from a person to anther.

At the same time, the same results with iGrow are limited and temporary compared to a hair transplant, a solution that allows hair to grow back permanently even where it is no longer there.

On the opposite, a hair transplant is a surgical operation that, according to the technique, it may require a more or less long recovery.


Combination with drugs

There is no known contraindication on the use of iGrow with pharmacological solutions such as finasteride or minoxidil.