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It has made Rome an avant-garde city in the treatment of baldness. In order to have the opportunity to get its diagnosis and take advantage of its unique technique, patients come from all over the world. Chiara Insalaco, plastic surgeon, had the opportunity to learn the most innovative techniques in the United States. Today, it is in her home country that she has chosen to exercise her passion and put her talent at the service of her patients. “I specialized in a very specific, niche field. To succeed, both with patients and in the medical sphere, you have to do your job perfectly. These techniques require a attention to detail and without passion you can’t do it,” says Chiara Insalaco. In her clinic, she has given herself a mission, that of offering her patients a perfectly natural result. And for this reason, each intervention is customized according to their needs and requirements.


Exceptional results

As you explain, “capillary transplantation is the only solution for men who want to solve the problem of baldness”. “To achieve an exceptional result, I use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), a microsurgical procedure that consists of taking individual follicular units from the scalp donor area using small circular punches of different sizes. The follicles are then implanted in the areas to be covered. Note that Chiara Insalaco is one of the few surgeons in the world to perform a long hair transplant. “This means that the patient does not have to shave his hair in advance and can immediately return to his working, emotional and social life without the signs of the transplant being particularly evident. This is a very difficult process, requiring skill, study and above all a great deal of patience”. Patience, for Chiara Insalaco, is second nature. A resource during her interventions but also during contact with patients that is fundamental throughout the process. “I don’t just do an intervention, I accompany my patients for years during all phases of treatment. During the months I personally follow all my patients to verify their response to different therapies. A relationship of trust is established between us”. 



Innovative techniques

Within this clinic it is essential to give patients the therapeutic solutions best suited to their case. “All patients are different from each other and need specific treatments to solve individual problems”. Next to transplantation, Chiara Insalaco offers regenerative medicine treatments. “In the field of hair, two techniques are applied: PRP (Plasma Rich in Platelets) and stem cell therapy. “This procedure consists in the removal of a few follicular units that will be processed by a machine, manufactured by an Italian company, which through a mechanism of the latest generation will be able to isolate the stem cells coming from the bulb, which will be injected into the areas affected by hair loss with stimulation and regeneration of hair follicles”. A revolutionary method for hair restoration! Vanguard in the soul, Chiara Insalaco does not intend to stop here. Being an active member of the largest international companies in the field such as ISHRS (The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), she will continue to pass on her knowledge and carry on research because this Italian woman has the firm intention to “bring radical changes in the treatment of baldness”.