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Dott.ssa Insalaco Live Social

Recently, Dr. Chiara Insalaco participated as a guest in the Live Social broadcast, a radio program on the airwaves of Radio Roma Capitale to talk about the topic of hair loss, its causes and the solutions that exist.


Hair loss and its possible causes

One of the first topics discussed was the hair loss. This mainly affects the male gender, but the female gender is also affected in a different way.

The causes can be multiple and it is necessary the diagnosis of a medical specialist to choose the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

In men, the most common cause is the so-called androgenetic alopecia, a pathology that affects most men. On the one hand it derives from genetic information, that is contained in the hereditary heritage, the other depends on androgenic hormones. Androgenetic alopecia is the main cause that of thinning in younger boys.


Are there pathologies that lead to hair loss even when young?

In young people the pathologies that lead to hair loss, known by the term alopecia, affect in a more aggressive form. For this reason it is fundamental from the beginning to set up medical therapies that allow you to block and stop as much as possible the hair loss.


What is the difference between alopecia and receding hairline?

Stempering, or baldness that starts at the temples, is simply one of the outset phases of androgenetic alopecia.

When men, particularly those under 30, begin to notice slight thinning in the temples that continues over time, it is referred to as hairline hairline.

These “gulfs” recede as the alopecia progresses, until in a more critical phase the baldness also affects other parts of the scalp, such as the back of the vertex; in the latter case we begin to speak of true androgenetic alopecia.


What are the possibilities to prevent and restore hair?

.There are viable solutions to the problem of hair loss.

The solutions range frommedical therapies, which must absolutely be prescribed by the attending physician based on one’s personal situation. It is very important to follow the therapy recommended by the doctor according to the diagnosis made, and not to buy “by yourself” products in the pharmacy that could have side effects not considered.

The most suitable therapy for the individual patient may, for example, involve the administration of tablets or the application of skin lotions.

In addition to these therapies there are those to be performed at the doctor’s office, that is on an outpatient basis, called regenerative therapies.

The final step is the hair transplant, a surgical operation that solves forever the problem of alopecia, along with the combination of medical therapies.


When is an autograft surgery performed correctly?

The field of hair transplantation is very medically inflated. In fact, so many doctors without a specific specialization have started to perform hair transplants with often disappointing, fake and very thinning results. In these cases, the problem is not solved and a problem is created for the patient.

Like any profession, it is iimportant to turn to professionals who are specialized and have been in the industry for quite some time.


What are the alarm bells for hair loss?

When baldness begins at a young age and when there are family members in the house, such as the father or grandparents, affected by androgenetic alopecia, it is necessary to consider these situations as an alarm bell for potential future hair loss.


Has hair loss treatment improved over time? What are the expectations for the future?

There have been many innovations over the years. For example, in the field of hair transplantation, if we look at the results of 10 or 20 years ago, they are not at all comparable with the results that can be obtained today. This improvement is due to the refinement of surgical instruments and operation techniques.

As a result, nowadays, the results you get from a well-executed hair transplant are natural, beautiful and satisfying.

The same can be said about medical therapies where there have been a lot of changes.

For the future, the situation is still uncertain. A plausible hypothesis could be the cloning of the hair bulbs..


What is hair cloning?

.In hair transplantation, the hair bulbs to be transplanted are extracted from a posterior donor area, called the occipital area, and transplanted into the missing areas. However, the number of bulbs that can be extracted from the donor area is not unlimited, but there are physiological and natural limits.

These limits will be overcome will cloning of hair bulbs be introduced.


What is Dr. Insalaco’s website and Instagram page about?

The website is dedicated to baldness surgery and about the treatments available. To support the visitor, there is informative content about the procedures performed, photographic content such as before and after autograft surgery, as well as videos and interviews released over time. Visiting the site is a quick and easy way to get immediate information.


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