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I am very proud feature in this year’s 2021 edition of The Top 25 Hair transplant surgeons in the world on the famous grooming blog ApetoGentleman.

The author Spencer ‘Spex Hair’ Stevenson is one of the world’s most well known and active patient advocates in the hair loss and hair transplant field. He has been educating patients for over 15 years and is experienced, ethical and knowledgeable and the article has become very popular due to the strong educational message within it along with the list of qualified experienced physicians he has included to help patients get accurate honest information. Surgery is a last resort and it’s important all patient get informed and educated before opting for any hair loss treatment or surgery. This is a strong message Spex hair has been preaching for many years via the main stream media and all the resources he is involved with in order to help educate and protect patients.

Spex Hair himself cautions: “Be warned, the hair loss industry preys on your vulnerability and isolation. I fell prey to the hands of this brutal place and my own journey was unfortunately very long, emotional and tremendously tiresome.”

Spex Hair is at the forefront of patient advocacy and hair transplant excellency and this is why we are so very proud to be included in this educational article and in his list of top hair transplant surgeons in the world as we know it has helped so many patients.

Please see my interview with Spex Hair about my inclusion in Apetogemntleman’s Top 25 hair transplant surgeons in the world below :


Spex Hair Website: