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Dry Hair

Fortunately hair loss is only one of the problems that can affect our hair. Although this is the most serious and worrying, there are also other problems that deserve to be analyzed in order to find a solution.

Tween these are the dry hair. There are many people, both women and men, who have this problem and have to deal with dull, exhausted, dehydrated hair. What does it depend on and how to solve the problem?

Everything you need to know about dry hair

By definition, dry hair is caused by insufficient sebum production of the hair. It is, therefore, a state opposite to that which makes the hair greasy which, instead, see the presence of too much sebum.

In specific terms, a dry foliage can also undergo alterations and there is almost always the appearance of what are defined as double tips. In a nutshell, since the hair is not protected by the natural sebum present on the skin, it opens and creates this double tip that can cause the hair to snap, so that it has to be cut in time to remedy it. The hydrolipidic film, therefore, is extremely important for the hair and it is for this reason that the hair

How do you recognize dry hair? They are visibly defibrated and have rough scales. It is very difficult to manage them and that is why you have to understand the causes, so that you can find the right solution.

Very often the main cause of dry hair lies in the products used for cleaning. In fact, washing them too rarely and using too aggressive products makes the hair drier and weaker, which is why the care must start with the shampoo. Even the use of chemical dyes, hair dryer and straightener can make the hair dryer and drier and, therefore, it is useful to let the hair breathe, so that it can recover. Environmental pollution and sun exposure are other causes of dry hair, to be taken into consideration in order to solve the problem.

There are many products on the market that serve precisely for the care of dry and parched hair. Finding the ideal one for your hair will help to restore your hair and make your scalp breathe.

In this way, going to moisturize the hair, you will be able to make it nourished and soft again, as well as visibly healthier and not dull. We recommend, therefore, shampoos, masks, lotions not aggressive or too degreasing, but designed specifically for dry hair. It is always useful to ask for an opinion or advice from an expert in the field, so as to go and solve the problem in the best way possible, also avoiding what could be degeneration.

Dried hair should be cared for and hydrated. There are also many dietary supplements that can be taken to give new life to your hair: the important thing is to find the best ones for your situation.