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Fake News Caduta Capelli

There is a lot of fake news about hair loss, and it’s time to debunk them all in order to have a clear picture of this condition. When it comes to hair loss, people who are affected by the phenomenon experience feelings of anxiety and fear.

After all we can say nobody likes losing hair. Many people look themselves in the mirror without recognizing themselves and they no longer appreciate their image, suffering greatly from the psychological point of view. This is why it is important to dispel the false myths about hair loss, as well as those news items that tend to indicate as miraculous products or practices that are not in any way.

Fake news and hair loss

When talking about such an important subject, one must necessarily make serious and timely information.

The first piece of fake news that needs to be debunked is that hair loss only affects men. It is absolutely not true. In Italy, about 4 million women have to deal with this problem. This reasoning is linked to another false myth: only men can have hair transplants. There is nothing more wrong. The hair transplantation in women is widely practiced and brings with it excellent results if carried out by experienced hands.

What is true, for example, is that about 39% of men have a problem of alopecia with which to deal. A percentage that can be frightening, but that in reality should always be reported remembering also that today as well as today a lot of progress has been made with regard to the hair transplantation.  We do not speak of a painful and invasive intervention anymore.

About 100,000 hair transplant operations were carried out in Italy last year, while in the world we are talking about a number that exceeds 700,000. These are important numbers, which show that hair loss is perceived as one of the most serious imperfections that exist. And that’s not all: there are many people who do not accept being bald and who live this condition badly.

Finally, it is also useful to shed light on the causes of alopecia. Wrong lifestyle, wrong diet, tendency to drink or smoke excessively, heredity, autoimmune diseases: these are just some of the most frequent causes that lead to hair loss. Therefore, before despairing, it is necessary to clarify the causes, speak to an expert in the field and assess the situation in a careful and personalized way, in order to find the best solution.