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It is well known that following a fat diet is harmful to our health. However, it is interesting to try to understand if there is a connection between the fat diet and hair loss. The topic is extremely interesting, also because it is very much discussed in this period, thanks to research and studies that have been conducted recently and whose results can tell us a lot about this possible correlation.

How much an oily diet can affect hair loss.

So let’s take stock of the situation and see how a cholesterol-rich diet can lead to a disastrous hair situation.
We know very well that what we eat affects our body’s health and, in particular, that of our hair. For this reason it is extremely important to understand what to eat and which foods to avoid.
The study that helps us understand more about this correlation was recently conducted by a team of experts at John Hopkins University. The results of the study were published in the well-known trade journal Scientific Reports and tell us very clearly that a diet extremely rich in fat causes hair loss and not only that, since it is much easier to go to find skin lesions in those who follow it.
According to what we read, therefore, a diet rich in fat makes the hair fall out and make it white sooner. Foods rich in fat and cholesterol, therefore, should also be avoided in order to preserve the health of the hair, as well as that of our body.
Already studies prior to that mentioned had highlighted a direct correlation between fat and hair loss, but now we have deepened the discussion.
According to what has emerged some foods may affect the production of glycosfingolipites, which are the fats that make up skin and cell membranes. Studies carried out on mice have highlighted some points and it has been noted that two different diets can have different effects on hair and its pigmentation. Therefore, some mice intended for the experiment were fed with foods rich in cholesterol and fat and it was immediately noticed the loss of hair, as well as the fading of the hair. The mice that were fed a healthy and balanced diet did not have these problems.
The results, therefore, speak clearly and explain that it is preferable to follow a healthy and balanced diet, so as to preserve the health of the hair.
Here, then, are the foods to avoid: butter, cream, mascarpone, lard, lard, aged cheeses, sausages, fatty meats, white meat with skin, mayonnaise, egg yolk, junk food in general, high calorie sweets and so on.
To these are preferred foods with a lower calorie and lipid content, so as to protect the hair and their health.