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Rigenerazione Follicolare

In many areas, regenerative medicine brings with it extremely valuable results that should be considered if you do not wish to undergo surgery.

In the field of trichology, for example, we talk about follicular regeneration and the possible benefits it can bring to hair that is debilitated by sudden and abundant hair loss. Let’s see what it is and what could be the benefits.

The regenerative techniques for hair are increasingly taken into account and this is because we are understanding more and more of what may be the importance of stem cells. The question is often asked whether it is possible to cure baldness without cosmetic surgery. An important question that, therefore, generates a very interesting discussion.

Everything about follicular regeneration

Let’s try to explain follicular regeneration in simple words, so as to clarify some of the doubts that you may have. The first aspect to emphasize is that follicular regeneration is possible only in certain specific cases. Yes, because to allow the success of this intervention it will be necessary that the follicle is still active and receptive. It is very difficult, therefore, to work on atrophied follicles and this is an aspect that cannot be overlooked.

We know very well that the regeneration of the hair takes place autonomously in the course of life. The life cycle of hair includes a moment of birth, growth and death. All of this takes place in autologous mode. However, if you start having problems and notice a loss of hair it means that something in this cycle is not right anymore. Never underestimate this alarm bell. The risk? Finding yourself without hair in no time at all in the worst case.

In the event of aesthetic and clinical problems related to the slowing down of the natural hair cycle, you should act immediately.

If the hair follicles are not yet permanently damaged, you can consider regenerative hair therapy, so that you do not have to undergo a hair transplant. Beware, this solution remains the only plausible one when, however, you are faced with inactive follicles.

What is attempted when performing follicular regeneration surgery? Stimulate the follicle, which is not yet dead but is in difficulty, so that hair growth can resume. In a nutshell, experts in the field have the role of trying to put damaged follicles back into full function, and this is possible with the use of specific techniques and tools.

What specifically takes place? A small sample of follicular units is taken, which are then inserted into a special machine whose aim is to isolate the stem cells in the bulb. The latter will then be injected into the area where the hair loss occurs with a mechanism of stimulation and regeneration of the follicles.

A winning strategy that, in many cases, brings with it excellent results in terms of regrowth and without the need to go under the surgeon’s scalpel.