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Why does my hair become greasy shortly after washing it? This is one of the questions that more and more women and men are asking nowadays. The answer to that question may not be immediate, because it depends on a number of very different factors. For example, how often you wash your hair, what kind of products you use, or even how often you “touch” your hair.

The phenomenon of greasy hair should be taken seriously as it can hide a condition that, if left untreated, can also result in hair loss.


What is oily hair

For many of us, individual beauty comes through a number of factors, such as fitness, smile, and hair. Among all these, hairstyle plays a significant role. However, undermining the attainment of one’s ideal look, in addition to phenomena such as thinning hair, hair ringing, loss of density, volume, and shine, is “greasy hair.”

This terminology identifies that condition in which there is abundant sebum production in the scalp that makes the hair oily, lackluster, “dirty” to the eye, greasy to the touch, and sometimes smelly.


Why my hair gets oily easily

First of all, the genetic factor must be considered. One of the characteristics that distinguish us is the amount of sebum that our body produces under normal conditions. This amount, which is generally different from that of others, also influences how greasy or not the hair will be later. However, there are also other factors that influence this characteristic:

  • How often we touch our hair:touching one’s own hair often is sometimes an automatic, involuntary gesture that we perhaps perform in a day dozens of times. During each of these times we transfer small amounts of oils from our fingers to our scalp. At the same time, touching the scalp frequently stimulates the glands in secreting more oil that makes the scalp even more oily.
  • How often do we wash our hair: this is a very underestimated aspect, especially by men. In fact, rinsing the hair with shampoo several times a day could remove the scalp’s natural protection of sebum and oils, stimulating more production to restore balance.


How to improve the health of one’s hair

When it comes to oily hair, there are a number of tricks that, if followed, substantially improve the health of one’s hair. These include:

  • Use of conditioner: it is important to use conditioner appropriately and in small amounts only at the end of washing. Improper use of conditioner can do damage to the scalp and have the opposite effect on the hair.
  • Using greasy hair products: this aspect is very important especially for those who frequently wash their hair. In such cases, it is advisable to use a shampoo that is less irritating so as not to further facilitate the formation of sebum.
  • Doctor’s visit:If the problem of greasy hair remains over time, it is advisable to be examined by a specialized doctor who will help us in diagnosing the problem and identify the best treatment in the specific case.