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Diet Hairloss

We know very well that diet is very important for the well-being of our body. Let’s immediately clarify a concept: when we talk about diet, we should not immediately think about the diet aimed at slimming, but about the diet in general.

A healthy and correct diet is able to positively influence different functions of our body and, therefore, it is extremely important to know what to eat to feel good and, why not, also to improve the health of our hair.

Yes, there is a close correlation between diet and hair and, therefore, it is useful to know what nutrients are important and what foods should be consumed.

So let’s get into specifics and analyze which foods help to avoid hair loss.


The diet and the effects on hair loss.

Nutrition is very important and so is hair! This is the basic concept from which to start to deepen everything. We must, therefore, balance the different nutrients in order to bring benefits to our hair as well. Amino acids, vitamins and minerals help the hair and this is a fact that has been highlighted by several studies carried out over the years.

Let’s start with the amino acids that are extremely important for the hair. If there is a deficiency, in fact, you tend to have fragile hair that breaks very easily. Precisely for this reason we recommend the intake of cystine, which makes the hair less brittle and, therefore, causes clear improvements even in the breaking process. You should also be very careful to take zinc, because the lack of this element also leads to hair breakage and hair loss. Also important are iron and magnesium which, besides being good for the whole body, are also indispensable for the health of the hair.

As for the vitamins, these too must be taken regularly and in the right quantities, otherwise there is a risk of strong weakening of the hair. We can say, specifically, that some vitamins, especially those A, E, B5, B6, PP, H, are an integral part of a healthy follicular activity. If there are deficiencies, then it is possible to find anomalies in the hair. This can be seen, for example, in very strict diets: they not only ruin the body, but also the hair fiber, which is made fragile and tends to break.  It is good, therefore, to provide our body with the right amount of vitamins and other essential elements for the general wellbeing of the hair.

If you can not take the right amount of these elements with the diet, there are specific dietary supplements for the health of our hair, which are a valid help to take into account. There are many and different types: it is important to identify those that are most useful to your situation. These are supplements based on natural substances that, therefore, should not have any contraindications except in cases of manifest intolerance to one of the ingredients present in them.