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When you expose yourself to the sun, when you go to the beach, you may notice a worsening of the condition of your hair. What does this mean? That during the summer hair loss becomes something to contend with. Of course, when you’re enjoying carefree time like a summer vacations, you’d like everything but dealing with the worry of the onset of alopecia or the fear of going bald.

However, it must be specified: if it is a problem simply related to the season, everything will pass in a short time and with necessary precautions. Nothing to worry about, then, but something natural, also due to the fact that the hair is affected just like our skin by exposure to sunlight. If, however, the problem persists, the advice is to call an expert in the field as soon as possible in order to understand what could be the causes of a hair loss that does not show signs of stopping.

How to avoid hair loss in summer

One must try to prevent the hair from drying out even more. The oxidative stress must be compensated for by using specific products to protect hair from the sun and to moisturize it in depth. Absolutely no aggressive treatments, such as dyes or bleaching, yes to masks and moisturizing packs. For every day we recommend the use of a restructuring shampoo, to be used when you return from the beach or the pool. Remember that both salt and chlorine should be immediately rinsed out of the hair with fresh water. The advice is to do this even when you are at the beach, perhaps taking advantage of a shower.

If you cannot do this, then as soon as you get home the first thing to do is run under the shower so as to have healthy hair even in the middle of summer. Remember that the healthier and stronger your hair is, the less it tends to break and fall out. Drying should also be done naturally, without over-stressing hair already damaged by the sun with straighteners or curling irons. Too much heat on exhausted hair could damage it even more.

Pay attention to nutrition too. As always when it comes to talk about hair, it must be remembered that nutrition is a fundamental thing. Drinking plenty allows our body to be hydrated from the inside out. Consuming foods rich in vitamins improves not only our health but also that of our hair: in short, as we always say, beauty begins at the table and we must select the best of what we eat.

The advice before going to the beach? Getting natural food supplements that can fortify the hair and make it more resistant to the stress of the sea and the sun. In this way, in the summer the risk of hair loss will be only a distant memory of the previous hot seasons. Try it to believe.