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Protesi Capelli

We hear more and more about hair prostheses as an innovative solution to the problem of baldness. This solution, which consists of applying a pach to the scalp, differs from classic wigs but allows the lack of hair to be hidden.

But what are its characteristics?


What is a hair prosthesis?

A hair prosthesis, also known as a skin patch or hair membrane, is a membrane attached to the scalp; hair are attached too.

Its aim is to find a solution, a temporary one, to alopecia problems.

A hair loss problem, which is present in both men and women, can be fixed very quickly by approaching to this solution.


Main characteristics of the skin patch

The skin patch has two parts: a membrane and hair.

The membrane, made of different shapes and materials, is attached to the scalp on one side, while hair is attached to the other one. This membrane is particular because it is transpiring, i.e. It lets hair which stay underneath breath and it can be slimmer or less.

There are several techniques used for fixing it to the skin of the head, such as double-sided tape, solvents or even glue.

The hair composing the patch may be real hair, synthetic one, or a mixture of both of them.


Installation and durability

The initial installation of hair prosthesis should be carried out by the attending physician in a proper facility, such as a doctor’s office or an outpatient clinic.

The prosthesis stays attached to the scalp for around thirty days after the attachment, then it must be removed for maintenance. Indeed, in order to preserve the health of the materials solutions, it is essential to carry out regular cleaning with recommended products.

The total duration of the skin patch will also be depending on the taking care of it but, most of all, on the quality of the materials composing the membrane and hair.


Exceptional testimonial: DJ Francesco

The skin patch solution was discovered by plenty of people when Francesco Facchinetti, known as DJ Francesco to most of people, posted a video talking about his personal experience with hair loss by using social channels.


Differences with other solutions

Prosthetics and wigs

One of the most common solution used as hair prostheses wigs. But actually, a wig is attached to existing hair and does not require the use of any glue or tape. Furthermore, the use of a wig can severely restrict someone’s daily activities, like riding a motorbike or go swimming in a pool, plus it does not have a natural appearance.

Otherwise using a skin patch guarantees a natural result and does not restrict any daily activities.


Hair implants and hair transplants

When someone hears the term skin patch thinks to a non-surgical hair transplant. The term by itself can be misleading, as a hair transplant is an operation which brings a regrowth of hair in a completely hairless area,

Often, we talk about skin patches like a non-surgical hair transplant. The term itself can be misleading, as a hair transplant is an operation to permanently regrowth of hair in a completely hairless area, whereas a prosthesis is a solution which can be fixed to the scalp, but it also can be removed or replaced.