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Ricrescita Capelli

If you suffer from hair loss, you’ve probably wondered if regrowth is possible.This issue affects a lot of men and women around the world, who see their lives change when their hair starts to fall out.

While in some cases of hair loss a natural regrowth is possible, in some others we must appeal to one of the therapies available today.


The importance of hair

Losing hair nowadays can have destabilizing effects on our person, especially in cases where it is young or women.

In men, progressive thinning is very common, and can lead to feeling less attractive or with less self-confidence. As a result, the topic of hair regrowth takes on a very important role.


Hair loss and hair growth

Under normal health conditions, hair falls out as a natural consequence of its life cycle. Each hair, independently of the others, has an initial phase of growth, followed by a period of rest and finally a fall. At the same time, however, new hair are ready to replace those who fall..

After this, the regrowth of normal hair is expected, as no damage is present to the hair bulbs.

On the other hand, there are cases in which, as a result of pathologies or inflammations of the scalp, hair regrowth is greatly slowed down or ceases altogether.

This is the case of androgenetic alopecia, a hereditary disease that causes miniaturization and scarring of hair follicles and definitive fall..

For an in-depth look at the causes that can lead to alopecia, click on the following link.


Integrators and regrowth

Often you can experience a seasonal hair loss in summer or even in the spring. In these cases it is definitely worth visiting an expert in the field, such as a dermatologist or a tricologist.

The problem could in fact be easily solved through a food supplementation. Between  the most important minerals for hair regrowth there is:

  • Zinc, which acts on the skin of the scalp, facilitating protection from external agents and stimulating the repair process.
  • Selenium, which allows you to maintain hair strechness
  • Magnesium, which makes it easier to assimilate the nutrients that keep the hair healthy.


Finasteride and hair regrowth

One of the most established therapies for hair regrowth involves the administration of finasteride.

It is a drug officially approved by the FDA and the EMA for hair loss treatments.

It acts by inhibiting the formation of the hormone DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, which originates from the testosterone present in the hair bulbs. DHT binds to the androgen receptors of the follicles causing their miniaturization. As a result, over time the follicles shrink until they become permanently scarred.

Through the intake of finasteride, the body produces less DHT and this allows to slow down the process of hair loss, promoting hair regrowth.


Alternatives to finasteride

There are alternative therapies to the use of finasteride. One of these involves taking the active ingredient minoxidil, a vasodilator that allows to lengthen the anagen growth phase of the hair.

Alternatively you can appeal to the hair transplant, the solution definitive to regrow hair even in areas completely bald.