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Hair Regrowth is something that everyone dreams of. When you stand in front of the mirror and notice a noticeable thinning of the hair, you can only hope for something that will reverse it. In what cases can this happen and how? Answering these questions is important, as it helps to avoid having false hope in the most severe cases, where the only possible solution is hair transplantation.

Hair regrowth: is it possible?

One must, therefore, try to understand if it is possible to achieve hair regrowth in a natural way. In order to answer this question, a clarification must be made. Not in all cases is hair loss caused by some kind of alopecia. There are, for example, some cases in which the phenomenon is transient or, in any case, resolvable.

For example, it is useful to know that the life cycle of hair also includes hair loss and that is why it is very important to assess the situation. Every hair is born, grows and falls out to make room for new hair: it is natural, it is physiological and it is not something to worry about. The new hair will grow back and you will not notice excessive thinning.

In other cases, it is a hair loss related to the change of season. The change in the day-night cycle and the change in temperature also affects the hormonal balance, making the period more favourable for hair loss. This happens, therefore, even in pregnancy or during breastfeeding and it is good to emphasize that in these cases hair regrowth is possible.

Even if the hair loss is caused by medication or stress, it is possible to try to reverse it, allowing the hair to regrow after having eliminated the root cause of the loss. Be careful, however: the main advice is always to assess the situation with a hair expert, who can go and identify the root cause of the problem and the possible solution to allow hair to grow back.

Everyone – men and women alike – likes to have healthy, flowing hair, which is why you need to understand the cause of hair loss and act accordingly. Only in this way will it be possible to find the solution for each type of need.

What to do if the problem is not transitory

If the problem of hair loss is not transitory, it is the case to think of another way to deal with it. It will, in fact, be important to go and figure out how to solve the problem by looking for a solution that is able to give a definitive result.

This only happens with the hair transplantation which is the only one able to guarantee a healthy and flowing hair again. Although there are many types of treatment, ranging from topical to those certainly more incisive, the results that come are often too far and not definitive. Here, therefore, it is important to evaluate the transplant as a definitive solution and, nowadays, even less painful than in the past.