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Many people tell us that hair regrowth is possible. But is it really so? In order to answer this question in depth, it is useful to make a few clarifications. Although in some cases it is indeed possible to witness hair regrowth, it is also good to say that there are cases and cases. It is therefore necessary to take a closer look at each situation in order to understand whether or not it will be possible to regain a healthy and strong hair naturally.

What to do to understand it? Firstly, it will be necessary to go and understand what are the causes of hair loss. These are fundamental. There are cases in which the hair loss is caused by genetic or hormonal issues. We are faced with what is commonly referred to as baldness or, again, androgenetic alopecia. In this case it must be clear: one must act with a hair transplantation which is the only really valid solution we have. Although there are a lot of products on the market, including medical ones, that promise excellent results, it must be stressed that these may come very slowly and may not be satisfactory. Nowadays, however, transplantation should no longer be scary, because it is no longer dangerous, invasive and painful. Of course, one should always rely on professionals in the field to get the best possible results.


When is it possible to witness hair regrowth

We know very well that the causes of alopecia are multiple and that there is not only the type defined as androgenetic. Therefore, if you are facing a case of alopecia due to stress, the possibility of hair regrowth exists. In this case, in fact, it will be sufficient to discover what is the cause of the stress that, therefore, will have to be eliminated so as to go to give new life to the hair and to the organism in general.

Even when hair loss is caused by bad nutrition, something can be done about regrowth. In recent years, the link between poor diet, poor in vitamins and other valuable nutrients and hair falling out has been established. What to do in this case? Try to follow a healthy and balanced diet, so as to go and solve not only hair problems, but the problems of whole body. In this case, then, there is the possibility to see again fortified hair fortified their regrowth as well.

The same goes for bad habits such as drinking and smoking. Above all, smoking ruins the hair and the bulbs and leads to hair loss in a quite sudden way. In this case, the solution for hair regrowth is to quit smoking and detoxify the body from the harmful substances contained in cigarettes. In this way, then, it will benefit not only the hair. As you can see, there are indeed cases in which hair can grow back and that is why, as mentioned, it is important to analyze case by case. These are very particular situations that need to be treated as such.