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On the Internet we often hear about hair tattooing as a remedy for baldness. But what are we talking about?

It is a real tattoo that aims to cover areas of the skin with less density.

Through the application of small, neat pigments on the skin, the effect of a full head of hair is achieved. Beware, however, of the disadvantages of a permanent effect, which, if not done correctly, may not look totally natural.



The hair loss is a widespread problem nowadays. It affects both men, even the very young, and women. In the latter case, the greatest effects of thinning occur after a sudden change in hormones, such as after childbirth.

There are different types ofcauses that can cause hair to fall out, such as an internal pathology or external factors. Among the main types of alopecia are androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and stress alopecia.


The hair tattoo

If you are looking for a balding treatment, you may have come across tattooing, also called “scalp micropigmentation.” Let’s see together how it works.

How hair tattooing works

In some ways, getting a hair tattoo issimilar to getting a classic tattoo. Although both techniques use instrumentation consisting of a needle and pigments, there are some important differences, however.

First, the technique. To replicate the natural distribution of hair on the skin and adapt to each case, the operator must apply pigments of different sizes.

Another difference concerns the type of needle. In the case of hair tattooing, smaller versions are used that allow generally smaller pigments to be carried.

Last but not least is theoperation speed of the needle. In the case of hair tattooing, we are talking about frequencies on the order of 100 Hz. This allows for a natural effect on the hair.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of hair tattooing

Before undergoing a hair tattoo treatment, it is essential to know its advantages and disadvantages.

As for the disadvantages, the absolute first is the time duration. Unlike temporary solutions, tattooing allows the results to be maintained for years.

A second advantage is the speed of treatment. This allows hair loss sufferers to have a quick solution that does not take months or years to give results.

As for the counters, it must be considered that tattooing cannot be considered a real cure. In fact, unlike other solutions, it with allow hair to grow back, but only to have a “visual impact” of the presence of hair.

When deciding to opt for a hair tattoo, it is then necessary to consider that the effect remains constant over time, even when the physiognomy of our body changes or the color of our hair changes.


Alternatives available

To counteract the phenomenon of hair loss, there are numerous alternatives to tattooing. First, solutions that make use of medications such as finasteride or minoxidil.

Among the most popular solutions, on the other hand, is the hair transplant, the way to regrow hair even in completely glabrous areas.