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COLE ISOLATION TECHNIQUE (CIT®) is a relatively new technique that revolutionized the hair restoration field. FUE Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®) requires the use of specific devices, created for the extraction of single follicular units.

The follicular units are extracted from a minimal depth, thus leaving in the donor area the follicle’s stem cells and reducing the damage to hair follicles, the so-called “transection”. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to obtain the best hair follicles and regulate the number of grafts.

CIT® is almost non-invasive and requires at least 30 among the specific tools developed by Dr. Cole. Each procedure is adapted to the characteristics of the patient.


Stem cells remain untouched and can foster hair follicle regeneration with the help of additional therapies, such as PRP, bulb stem cells and extracellular matrix.

Dr. Insalaco used this innovative technique during the long training period she spent in the USA at Dr. John Cole’s clinic.


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