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Dr. Cole and Dr. Insalaco are among the few surgeons in the world who are able to carry out a hair transplantation keeping long hair both in the donor and in the recipient area, using Dr. Cole’s technique called C2G®.
Nowadays, many patients want to go back to work or to their social life without any clear signs of the procedure.
The only solution in this case is to carry out a hair transplantation with long hair without shaving the donor and the recipient areas.

Many surgeons advertise long hair transplants for marketing reasons, but what they actually do is shave small portions of the scalp in order to hide them with surrounding non-shaven hair.
By doing this all the extractions are concentrated in those small areas and the outcome in terms of scars is not positive.

C2G® is an advanced technique that requires a long preparation. This can be done the day before or on the same day of the procedure and doesn’t require any shaving of the donor area.

The extractions are carried out in a symmetrical way in the donor area, thus obtaining a better and undetectable outcome.

Our patients are extremely happy they can return to their lives as if they had not undergone any surgery.
This technique is getting more and more popular and most of our patients request it.


Fill in the form and we will let you know if you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, if your goals can really be achieved with our help, the approximate number of grafts that should be transplanted, the avarage cost and if alternatives to transplantation are possible. We will answer you in about 3 working days. Fill in the form, it will only take a few minutes.