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All the surgical instruments we use for our FUE surgeries, both in Italy and in the USA, are developed and produced by Dr. Cole and supplied by his company Cole Instruments®.
The quality of the tools, as well as the experience of the surgeon, play a fundamental role for the success of a hair transplantation.
Dr. Cole’s punches are made of steel 400 and present unique characteristics, such as:

  • High resistance
  • The sharpest cutting edge on the market
  • Thin body to reduce friction

All these characteristics reduce resistance during skin penetration.
The combination between the use of such punches and the CIT® technique leads to the decrease of the “transection” rate. The dimension of the punch is variable (0.75-0.96 mm) and is defined according to the dimension of the follicular units that is different from patient to patient.
The transplantation technique can be either manual or motorized, and the choice depends on the characteristics of the patient.

The extraction tools, both in case of manual technique and motorized, are provided with a depth control system in order to reduce follicular damages.
In case of motorized technique, the tool we use is PCID®, a highly sophisticated and expensive device that allows us to count the number of the extracted follicular units.

The device used for the creation of the so-called “sites” in the recipient area is the CID®.
Its digital display indicates the precise number of incisions. The blades used to create the incisions have different dimensions and the choice depends on the dimension of the chosen punch. In all cases, they are extremely small (˂1 mm).


Fill in the form and we will let you know if you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, if your goals can really be achieved with our help, the approximate number of grafts that should be transplanted, the avarage cost and if alternatives to transplantation are possible. We will answer you in about 3 working days. Fill in the form, it will only take a few minutes.