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The hair transplant procedure can be seen as a microsurgery procedure. All its phases play a fundamental role for a positive outcome.
Patients and surgeons very often focus their attention only on the harvesting phase. However, all stages are fundamental to obtain an excellent result.
In our clinic, we do our best to offer our patients the best experience possible.

They can relax, laugh, tell their story, watch films or other programs on the devices we offer.
Thanks to the use of local anaesthesia patients don’t experience any pain during the procedure.
The procedure can last one full day. Its duration depends on the number of follicular units, the anatomical characteristics of the patient and the technique we use.



2ND PHASE - Local anaesthesia

3RD PHASE - Donor area harvesting using ˂1 mm punches

4TH PHASE - Preparation of the recipient sites and graft placing


Fill in the form and we will let you know if you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, if your goals can really be achieved with our help, the approximate number of grafts that should be transplanted, the avarage cost and if alternatives to transplantation are possible. We will answer you in about 3 working days. Fill in the form, it will only take a few minutes.