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Trapianto Capelli Turchia

When it comes to hair transplantation, a destination of choice for many is Turkey.

With its competitive prices and countless clinics, the Ottoman country attracts thousands of patients from all over the world each year.

However, it is often the same patients who have flown to the country for the autograft who complain of post-operative problems after some time.

So is it really worth saving up to undergo surgery with more risk?


Why Turkey

For many years now, Turkey and Istanbul in particular have been a popular destination for transplants.

In the city on the Bosphorus alone, there are over 350 clinics that perform hair restoration surgery.

The money factor

What drives many people to travel to the country for autograft is the cost.

In fact, the average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is €2000. This figure often includes the cost of the operation, medical examinations, flight to / from, food and accommodation.
To have the same kind of service, in a Western country it would take at least three times as much.

How the travel package works

The stay in Turkey often lasts 3 or 4 days. During this short period the medical tests, operation and post-surgical examination take place.


What we know about the quality of results in Turkey

Through web marketing techniques,patients are often misled about the quality of transplant results.

Emphasis is placed on luxurious hotel accommodations, the presence of interpreters, the speed of treatment, and the large number of grafts.

Beyond the accommodation, a hair transplant is a surgical operation that requires preliminary phases of analysis and anamnesis of the patient. A phase of evaluation and patient-surgeon confrontation is appropriate and cannot be sustained in a simple preoperative visit.

Moreover,even the quantity of grafts itself cannot be a parameter of choice for the surgeon. In fact, many patients from Turkish clinics that guarantee huge amounts of grafts later complain of post-transplant fallout.


Reliability and choice of clinic

One of the biggest difficulties of hair transplantation concerns the choice of clinic where to undergo the operation.

During this phase we cannot limit ourselves only to the cost of the service or the number of grafts that will be implanted, but we must evaluate how reliable the clinic really is and how long the results last over time.

According to several testimonials, the surgical teams operating in Turkey are not always composed of doctors and nurses. On the contrary, it is often unqualified personnel who perform the operations.

The resulting risks include poor results, scarring and post-transplant hair loss.

For example, hair, if not taken from certain areas not subject to hair loss, even if grafted then falls out. In addition, the post-operative risks of fibrosis and subsequent hair loss are accentuated if the medical staff is not experienced.


Conclusions about hair transplantation in Turkey

If you decide to have a hair transplant it is to solve a problem. For this reason you mustrefer to highly qualified medical personnel who follow all medical standards and who guarantee permanent results over time, such as the clinic of Dr. Insalaco.

In Turkey there are several doctors specialized in hair transplantation with follicular unit pricing. These professionals are recognized worldwide but their prices do not differ much from the European ones.

Speaking of low cost clinics, basing such an important choice only on savings can paradoxically have negative consequences after some time both on the wallet and on the results.