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Hair transplantation in women is still a sensitive topic today. Although alopecia affects men and women equally, causing baldness even in the female sex, hair transplantation is still seen as a taboo.

This happens because of many reasons.

It is mistakenly assumed that only men have recourse to hair transplants, but this is not true. Over time, new forms of transplantation have been developed, especially for women. For example we can talk about the long hair transplant which is, probably, still little known, but allows to obtain excellent results. In addition, it should be known that over the years the hair transplantation has become more and more frequent as great strides have been made in this field.

This means that decidedly innovative techniques have been developed and designed to make the procedure less painful and invasive. Getting your hair back has never been easier. This is true whether we are talking about women or men.

Hair transplantation in women: some clarifications

However, before we even get into a full-blown discussion about Hair Transplantation in Women, it is necessary to understand how and when women tend to lose their hair. In the course of a woman’s life, in fact, there are various moments that can lead to hair loss.

Certainly, it is the hormonal activity that triggers hair loss. Hair can weaken and fall out especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also in the phase before menopause and immediately after puberty.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding it is quite normal to notice a worsening of the hair condition. The problem, however, should recede after some time without leaving any after-effects. In addition, stress alopecia is also very common in women. This is something to consider, as stress has been shown to bring with it several problems, including hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss in women include hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism which, in some cases, lead to losing one’s thick hair and this always happens because there are hormonal imbalances.

Unlike what happens to men, in women hair loss is concentrated mainly in certain areas of the scalp. This is why a solution such as long hair transplantation may be the solution to be preferred, since you are not going to shave the areas to be treated.

The greatest fear related to hair loss of women is usually to become bald. In this way it is possible to ensure the most natural possible result, which allows you to have again a hair not only healthy, but also thick and long.

The advice to follow is always to seek a consultation with an expert in the field as soon as you notice a more abundant fall than usual. Although hair tends to fall out for entirely physiological reasons, when you lose a large amount in a very short time it is time to act.