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The hairline, in English hairline, is the first noticeable part of a person’s hairstyle. The characteristics of each hairline depend on a number of factors including heredity, age, and lifestyle.

In some cases, the hairline may recede, for example due to hair loss, and in these cases it is referred to as hairline.

There are treatments that can prevent or even cure hairline.



Each of us has our own, unique one. It is a function of age, genetic makeup and even our daily habits. Above all, however, there are characteristic types for women and men.

Hairline in women

Low hairline

One of the main hairlines in women is the “low” hairline. In these cases, the forehead space between eyebrows and hairline is very limited.

Medium-high hairline

In contrast, a medium hairline is the condition in which the forehead occupies a space in the normal range. In the case where it is too high, it may be due to either genetic factors or a form of hair loss.

A widow’s peak

It is the classic “V-shaped” hairline of women that generally occurs as an inherited characteristic. In some cases it may appear over time, for example when suffering from frontonasal dysplasia.


It has the opposite characteristic to widow’s peak, with thecentral point of the frontal hairline being the most arched than the sides.

Other hairlines

There are also other types of female hairlines such as linear, ovals and asymmetrical.

Hairline in men

With regard to men , the main hairlines are the low, the medium and the “hairline ribelle” hairlines. In this case there is the formation of small “swirls” of hair growing in different directions than the surrounding hair.


Causes of receding hairline

In both male and female cases, the hairline can recede over a lifetime. The main causes include:

    • Tension alopecia: is a type of alopecia caused by continuous straining of the hair and scalp when doing hairstyles such as braids or hair tails.
    • Conditions physical: living avery stressed life can affect hair health including hairline health. This phenomenon, however, can also be due to the onset of physical illness or disease.
    • Inheritance: The main condition that causes frontal hairline receding is genetics. In fact, some people are more predisposed than others, especially as the years go by, to have receding hairline due to stempization or baldness.
    • Immune causes: autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata can cause the body to attack healthy cells, such as hair follicles in the hairline, causing hairline receding.


Preventing and treating hairline shrinkage

There are some ways to prevent and treat hairline receding. It is essential to care for the hair with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, caring for it with the right products and limiting beauty treatments.

In the event that backcombing occurs, there are medical therapies such as finasteride, minoxidil or even PRP.

There is also the option of a hair transplant to redefine the hairline as desired.