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Every day thousands of Italians, before leaving home, going to work or running some errand, wear a hairpiece. Such a portion of hair, made up of different materials, is a quick choice to combat the signs of hair loss, or baldness, a phenomenon that has been on the rise lately.

While the types of hairpieces have definitely improved in recent decades, the question arises, however, whether there is a better solution to treat hair loss.


What is hairpiece

Actors. Politicians. Television personalities. Public figures. But also office workers, sales clerks or deliverymen. Regardless of the type of work, every day thousands of people wear a hairpiece to cover the signs of hair loss.

But what is it all about? Also known as a “toupee,” The hairpiece is nothing more than a small wig that is worn directly on the head to avoid showing thinning, an area with little density, or an area that is completely glabrous.

There are different types of wigs. Among the best are those that use real hair.


Wig and hairpiece: the differences

The hairpiece is a distinct item from the wig. Wig is a very general term that refers to that category of portions of hair worn to cover the entire hair.

On the other hand, the hairpiece is thought of as a lower size support to cover generally smaller areas.

Another major difference is that related to how toupee and wig are worn. While the wig is typically designed to adhere effectively to the scalp, the toupeemay have a softer design or be connected to the head through the use of adhesives.


Advantages and disadvantages

The first advantage related to the use of a toupee is immediacy. It is worn in the scalp area affected by alopecia and immediately the problem is no longer visible to the naked eye. Moreover, since it is a customized product, it can be chosen in shape and material so that it looks completely natural. Temporariness also appears among the advantages. In fact, if you wish to embark on a different course of hair care. you can remove it without any problems.

Disadvantages associated with the use of toupees may relate to price. In order to have a high-quality hairpiece, one can go as far as spending thousands.

In addition to this, among the main disadvantages are the temporality of the solution and the care that must be taken in some situations of daily life, such as a simple swim in the pool or a motorcycle ride.


Alternatives to treat hair loss

Using a hairpiece is one solution for “buffering” hair loss. Thanks to scientific research, aesthetic medicine has evolved over the years. Nowadays we are there are numerous alternatives, with results more natural and long-lasting.

Among the main treatments appears the pharmacological choice, which may involve the use of medications such as minoxidil or finasteride. If, on the other hand, a definitive solution is desired, one that also grows hair in completely glabrous areas, there is the alternative of hair transplantation, an avenue increasingly chosen by those who want tosolve the problem forever.