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Nowadays, the stress alopecia affects many people, because modern times are more and more hectic. There are many causes that can subject our body to such a strong stress that it can lead to hair loss, but what must always be kept in mind is that, in most cases, this situation can be kept under control and brought back to normal.

In a nutshell, hair can grow back, but a certain path needs to be taken. What does all this mean? That it is important to get to know the causes of stress which leads to hair loss. After all, it is a very strong tension if you even go so far as to lose your hair. It means that the stress is weakening your body and everything must be resolved as quickly as possible.


The causes of stress alopecia and how to heal

To heal from stress alopecia one must, therefore, make a path to identify what are the causes of the malaise. There is stress from work, stress from problems related to the sphere of affectivity and so on. You must, therefore, understand what is the cause of all this and try to solve the inner conflict or eliminate what leads to be stressed.

Only in this way can you take the path to healing. Healing from stress alopecia brings with it the reappearance of the hair and this is because if you can eliminate the cause that causes it, there is a good chance of total remission of the problem.

Before going into the discussion, it is useful to point out that it is usually easy to recognize the psychogenic alopecia. This is because there are no very large and showy patches and, above all, because there is a tendency not to lose the hair on the frontal hairline.unlike other forms of alopecia, this is concentrated on the scalp and not on body hair in general.

The diagnosis of stress alopecia is, therefore, very easy to make, since there are differences with other types. In addition, it should also be noted that, for example, in the case of androgenetic alopecia the hair does not grow back and the tricopigmentation or transplantation must be used.

How much does it heal if the hair falls out due to stress? It depends. The answer cannot be exhaustive. There are cases and cases and, above all, you must first understand what the cause is and then make a diagnosis of this type. However, regrowth occurs in almost all cases. To speed up the process you can use specific products and you can also go to solve the problems that create stress in the shortest possible time. In this way, hair will almost certainly grow back faster and stronger than before. The fundamental thing, as said, is to go to understand what is the problem that leads the psyche to be under stress.