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Spencer Kobren

This event is set to change the entire leadership in the world of hair transplantation, and I think young people like you are going to be the new leaders in this field.

Dr. Chiara Insalaco

I think so too, I hope things can change in the long run. They will certainly change in the short term because, as you know, the most important competitors in hair transplantation in Italy and throughout Europe are those responsible for the “black market“, especially the one in Turkey.

I think that this period of emergency, in some way can be positive for the hair transplant market in Italy because people will not be able and will not want to travel in order to undergo hair transplant surgery in other “cheaper” countries and therefore they will stay in Italy and will be able to rely on me or other colleagues always in our territory but I do not know if this can be considered a change in the long run.

I think we can consider a reasonable time for the restoration of the black market of 15-24 months.  It will be up to the Italian medical class to come together and radically change the way they communicate but not in the way it was done previously. You all need to start thinking differently, you need to use the internet platforms that specialize in hair transplantation, start collaborating with online communication specialists who can really make a difference and start working together.

I believe that the black market, this kind of black market, especially in this field, can be completely suppressed. I believe that only the best hair transplant surgeons in Turkey will be able to continue to do business but with their local market, at most a few foreign clients, but that’s it.

Dr. Chiara Insalaco and her colleagues should listen and open their minds. Unfortunately your colleagues (not those who work with me) see what we do as a competition but we need to see it from another perspective.

I believe that right now it can be a great opportunity for you, much bigger than you can expect.

Dr. Chiara Insalaco

I totally agree with you, Spencer, we have to start looking at it differently and we have to do things in a different way than before. It will also be thanks to people like you that we can achieve change. We necessarily need to open our minds in such a way that we can make a difference.

Comments on the Video:

Brief summary of the interview made by Spencer Kobren ( to Dr. Chiara Insalaco on how the hair transplant market may evolve, with reference to the black market) post Corona Virus 2019.