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Foreign stem cell research + medical tourism.

Thanks to research giant steps have been made in this field in the last ten years.
The most important thing for our patients is to always rely on serious professionals, specialized in the field of trichology and baldness surgery.
Unfortunately in the last period we are witnessing a worrying phenomenon of disproportionate proportions, that of medical tourism.
Turkey is a current example of what is happening.

Because of a nagging publicity, thousands and thousands of patients are attracted by cheap and seemingly tempting travel packages where with a fixed price in addition to airfare, hotel, transfer to and from the airport, sightseeing tour of the city, it is also including hair transplant surgery.
All this has nothing to do with what is medicine, with science, with everything learned in the long years of study. The promise to “act according to science and consciousness” has no place in this kind of business that has little to do with medical science.

The doctors who sell such packages, mainly in Turkey, are only and exclusively businessmen. They look at the patient in passing on his arrival at the clinic and then leave all the medical-surgical work to young nurses, who probably don’t even have this title.
Every day in the following clinics an average number of 10 patients are operated at the same time, where what matters is not the quality and safety of the operation but the quantity.

.All in absolute illegality. Nurses or allegedly replacing the doctor, without scientific knowledge and surgical background.
The doctor thinks to give interviews, do marketing, social media, and collect earnings strictly cash! Unfortunately we already see the devastating results of this phenomenon. Patients with surgical complications, infections, unacceptable aesthetic results, caused at these low-cost centers come to our Italian and American clinics to solve the problem, often and willingly with little chance of resolution.
The ISHRS and the Sitri, the first The International Society of Baldness Surgery and the second The Italian Society of Tricology are taking important and official action against this phenomenon which offends the medical profession and the dignity of our patients.

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