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Prurito Cuoio Capelluto

The itching of the scalp is a very frequent sensation considered by most of people as a temporary discomfort. In reality, itchy head can hide real diseases that would be better to fight as soon as possible in order to avoid bigger complications.


Main causes of itchy head

Dandruff and itching

One of the main causes that can lead to itchy head is definitely dandruff. The scalp is very sensitive and the itchy is particularly intense when we have dandruff.

In this case, local treatments to rebalance the scalp, such as the use of dedicated shampoos, are recommended to find relief from the situation.

Androgenic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia i.e. the common hair loss, is a very common problem that also manifests itself with itchy head. In this cases, frequent scratching of the scalp can get worse the inflammation of the areas affected by thinning, increasing hair loss.

In order to prevent substantial hair loss and resolve the itchy feeling, it is essential to see an expert in this field, such as a tricologist.


Urticaria causes the formation of red, itchy patches scattered here and there in the skin, not excluding the head. Although such patches are not meant to stay forever as they come and go on the skin, the triggers need to be investigated further.

It’s recommended to visit a dermatologist for a special consult if urticaria does not heal spontaneously after a month.

Lice and itching

Itching on the head can be a sign lice presence. These insects live and reproduce themselves on our scalp and are easily to transmitt between other children.

If the suspect of itchy head is caused by lice it will be necessary to have some checkups which can examine the scalp properly.

Reaction to chemicals

Itchy scalp can also be caused by the frequent exposure to chemical products and treatment as they make it very sensitized.

In this case, scratching skin constantly can lead to contact dermatitis, which is a very common condition for those who dye their hair.

In order to stop the irritation and itchy feeling caused by these products, it is recommended to stop their use immediately. At the same time it may be helpful ask for a dermatologist consult regarding the use of nourishing and balancing shampoos and other useful advises.

Psoriasis of the scalp

The psoriasis of the scalp is a particular manifestation of psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that leads to the formation of red and white patches distributed on some parts of our body. These spots are rounded shaped and come with severe itching.

There are several treatments in case you suffer from psoriasis, like special products that could be  applied locally or balancing shampoo as well.

Skin cancer

Hardly ever, itching on the head is one of the symptoms given by the presence of a skin cancer. In order to analyze the skin of the scalp properly, it is recommended to go to a diagnostic center fitted with the necessary instrumentation to highlight its presence.

Other causes of itchy head

In addition to the causes described in the previous paragraphs, itchy scalp can also be caused by scabiesthyme of the scalp, dermatitis atopic and nervous problems..