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We often talk about long hair transplantation because there are many doctors who propose it as a solution for those who wish not to have their hair shaved for the operation. Be careful, however, to make sure that this is actually what is being proposed and not a marketing strategy. In some cases, in fact, a solution is proposed that is not the commonly understood long hair transplant. Some doctors, in fact, try to go and create strips of shaved hair in the donor area which are then covered with strands of long hair.

This is an example of what a long hair transplant is not. To get an idea of what we are talking about one must consider the Dr. Cole method. We are talking about the registered C2G® technique which, at present, is the only one that guarantees the desired effect for those who want to return immediately to their activities and daily life without the discomfort of a shaved head.

What is long hair transplant

The long hair transplant is, therefore, a valid solution to be considered. The only advice is to rely exclusively on experts able to apply Dr. Cole’s method. What does it involve? The first thing to say is that it is a very advanced technique and of the latest generation. Before the operation will require a long preparation that, however, will bear fruit in terms of optimal success of the hair transplant.

The pre-transplant preparation does not require that the donor area is shaved and this is the first major difference from the classic method. This phase can be carried out the day before the transplant but, in cases of need and depending on the situation, even the same day.

The doctor will go and perform extractions throughout the donor area and in a symmetrical manner. This brings with it an optimal result. The patient will leave the operating room without any obvious marks on his head, as if he had not undergone a hair transplant surgery. In this way, he will be able to return to his daily life immediately without having to wait days if not weeks. It is an advantage that many appreciate and that is decreeing the success of this technique that the Doctor Chiara Insalaco develops with Dr. Cole.

Progress in the field of hair transplantation is being made many. Those who undergo this type of intervention have the possibility to do it in a discreet and less invasive way than ever before. Until a few years ago, even the word transplant was frightening. It was thought to be a difficult operation to manage, with obvious signs and scars to be healed even with antibiotics. A pain that often exceeded the concrete desire to have beautiful hair again. This is no longer the case. You can rejoice in the fact that there are so many new techniques, to be used according to your needs.

Always choose the best professional, whether long hair transplant or not, is the first thing to do.