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Tricopigmentazione Permanente

In the last period we hear more and more about permanent trichopigmentation to solve the problem of hair loss. The technique, effective in the case of both long and short or shaved hair, has advantages and disadvantages that one must be fully aware of before undergoing it.


What is trichopigmentation

tricopigmentation is a camouflage technique that allows you to hide hair loss through the use of tiny pigments on the skin. It is divided into two broad categories, namely temporary and permanent, depending on whether or not the pigments reabsorb over time, and is applicable for both long and short hair.

In all cases, trichopigmentation can be thought of as a remedy to the effects of baldness, or a supplement to other therapies such as hair transplantation.


Temporary and permanent trichopigmentation

When discussing the technique under consideration, it is necessary to make a distinction about the time horizon of reference. Indeed, depending on the type of effect over time that one wishes to achieve, one can opt for a temporary or permanent solution.

In the former case, the pigments are embedded in the superficial layers of the skin, and have a small size such that they can be reabsorbed by phagocytosis by the body within a few years.

Because of progressive reabsorption, maintenance sessions are required to maintain the effect over time. The cadence of these sessions depends greatly on the type of lifestyle one leads. For example, due to sweat, a very sporty person will definitely be more inclined to a higher number of sessions over time than a very sedentary person.

In the case of permanent tricopigmentation, on the other hand, the pigments are deposited in deeper layers of the skin. Moreover, they are of a size that prevents absorption by the body over time.

As the term implies, the permanent technique does not theoretically require any maintenance sessions over time. However, a follow-up visit on average every 5-7 years remains recommended.


Disadvantages and disadvantages of the permanent solution

Before performing permanent trichopigmentation, it is important to take into consideration all the aspects involved.

The permanent solution has advantages over the temporaryif you want to maintain the same look over time. In fact, in these cases you would not have to resort to the same number of maintenance sessions, saving both time and cost.

This same aspect can be considered a disadvantage. In fact,one remains “bound” to the same type of look over time, even when the physiognomy of the body changes due to aging or the hair changes color. One must also consider the fact that pigments are prone to lose sharpness over time; think, for example, of a tattoo years later.


Alternatives to trichopigmentation

Before performing trichopigmentation, especially if permanent, it is important to know the alternatives. To treat hair loss there are first of all pharmacological treatments, such as the use of finasteride or minoxidil.

Alternatively, the solution of autotransplantation of hair to resolve the effect of hairlessness permanently.