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Caduta Dei Capelli In Quarantena

In a period that is certainly not easy to manage, from a health point of view but not only, it is not uncommon to witness a phenomenon of hair loss that can be frightening. Why does quarantine hair loss occur and what can be done to try to solve the problem?

The pandemic has placed us in a very difficult condition to manage. It’s not just the plight of those who have contracted this new coronavirus, but also the psychological conditions faced by millions of people forced into a forced quarantine. Not being able to go out of the house, not being able to go to work, generates tensions at a psycho-physical level that are certainly not good for our organism.

This can lead to different types of consequences, such as hair loss.

When stress causes hair loss quarantine

We know that severe stress can lead to hair loss. The stress alopecia of the rest is well known for several years and it is important to understand how to try to improve the situation.  Quarantined hair falls out more than usual and that is why it is necessary to identify the causes of this and, above all, the remedies.

Be careful, therefore, to observe your hair well. Understanding the cause of the fall is the first step to be able to have a healthy and thick hair again, especially in a difficult period to manage as the quarantine one. As mentioned, almost certainly all this will be dictated by stress and it is necessary to act accordingly. You can tell it’s stress-related loss because no one is discounted: men, women and adults. In the case of stress-related hair loss, everyone is a potential risk subject.

What to do to avoid quarantine hair loss? Treating your hair well is the first piece of useful advice. The second is to try to relax and not overload your mind and body with unnatural stress that is capable of causing quite a bit of damage to your health, not just your scalp.

Using non-aggressive products and, perhaps, indicated to slow hair loss or to improve the condition of the scalp is a secret that everyone should make their own. Beware, then, of too strong heat from straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons. In these cases you should always use a heat protector and go to work the hair little and with a heat not too intense.

Not only that. Eating well, introducing into your diet vitamins, calcium, biotin helps to have a strong>strong and healthy hair in quarantine and at any other time of life. This is certainly a special time, but these tips are useful when suffering from stress alopecia in general and, therefore, are always easily applicable.

Sooner or later this quarantine will pass and doing positive thoughts certainly helps in no small way to feel good and at peace with yourself. An aspect never to be underestimated.