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In our clinics we want to offer our patients the best therapies according to their situation, since all patients are different and need specific treatments.

Besides hair transplantation, also regenerative treatments have been very successful over the last years. Following are some examples:

  • Bulb stem cells
  • Acell: extracellular matrix, used to heal wounds and to stimulate hair follicles in post-transplant donor areas.
  • ATP Spray: post op care given to patients to heal and stimulate the recipient area
  • Wnt-activator spray: daily treatment used to improve hair thickness in case of androgenic alopecia by activating the so-called “Wnt pathway”.
    Recent studies carried out by the University of Miami show the fundamental role played by the “Wnt Pathway” in androgenic alopecia cases.

Fill in the form and we will let you know if you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant, if your goals can really be achieved with our help, the approximate number of grafts that should be transplanted, the avarage cost and if alternatives to transplantation are possible. We will answer you in about 3 working days. Fill in the form, it will only take a few minutes.