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One of the most popular products against hair loss is Rogaine. It’s a serum containing minoxidil that helps stimulate hair for stronger and faster regrowth.

It can be used by both men and women with baldness, but it is not recommended for pregnant women.

There are different formulas with different concentrations. Depending on the case, more or less daily applications may be required.

Results are visible from the third month after the therapy begin.


Benefits of Rogaine

The condition of baldness

The condition of hair loss is very common nowadays. Those who suffer from it are often eager to seek a solution that will stop the progressive fall..

Hair density with Rogaine

Rogaine is often chosen as an effective treatment in this area. Its active ingredient is based on the presence of minoxidil, a substance capable of stimulating the hair to grow back thicker and stronger.

Results may change to everyone, but in general, up to 50% of patients show an increase in hair density after 3 months. This process reaches its maximum level after about 8-12 months; to maintain the same benefits, it is necessary to continue the treatment.

Density increase with Rogaine

Another notable benefit concerns the increase in hair density. This result is achieved thanks to the effects of the active ingredient of minoxidil contained within Rogaine. It has a vasodilatory effect, that allows an increase in the blood and nutrient supply to the hair bulbs. In addition, it lengthens the anagen growth phase of the hair life cycle and stimulates the enlargement of the hair follicles themselves.


How to use the product

If you are suffering from hair loss, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist or a tricologist for further investigation. Whether it is Rogaine or another product, it is in fact always advisable not to practice do-it-yourself solutions, but always follow the advice of an expert.

In the case of Rogaine, its use is intended for both men and women who suffer from alopecia, such as the androgenic alopecia.

There are two main versions of the product: 2% and 5%. The percentage indicates the concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil within the serum.

The product should be applied with a volume of 1ml to be spread on the dry scalp. Following this operation, it is good not to wash the skin for a few hours.

Usually, it is recommended to repeat this operation twice every day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Recommendations and collateral effects

The use of the product is not recommended for minors of 18 years and for women in pregnancy.

Possible collateral effects include the potential appearance of scalp itching in the area of application, increased blood pressure or even increased weight.

In case of very severe allergic reactions, significant weight changes or pronounced irritation, you should interrupt the  treatment and contact your doctor.