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Many do not think about it, yet stress alopecia is more frequent than you might imagine. What is it, how does it manifest itself and, above all, how does it cure? Here is everything you need to know about such an important and still little known topic.

Stress alopecia: let’s clarify

When we talk about alopecia from stress insiders understand a particular condition that sees hair loss related to a psycho-physical stress that you are experiencing at that particular time. This is a problem not to be underestimated and must be addressed in a very specific way.

Until a few years ago there was not so much talk about it except in the trichological field, but with the passage of time it has become increasingly clear that stress can be the cause of several types of problems, including abundant hair loss.

Before going into detail, we must emphasize one aspect that is certainly important. When the fall is caused by stress you have a good chance of resolving the situation. It will be necessary, however, to identify the precise cause and work on solving the problem. If reversing the course and triggering the hair regrowth mechanism again is possible, you should do it in the best possible way. Otherwise, you risk getting a hole in the water and getting the situation out of hand.

In recent years it has been established that an intense and prolonged psychological stress causes alopecia. We notice, therefore, the fall of decidedly abundant amounts of hair. It triggers in our body a mechanism of response to this stress to which the body is subjected that leads to a thinning of hair which, in most cases, is very evident. Here, then, that you understand that it is time to do something.

Stress alopecia affects women and men of all ages and it is mainly the youngest who suffer from it, precisely because they are more exposed to the stresses of everyday life. If one wonders what the causes of stress alopecia can be, it must be stressed that experts agree that there is not only one very specific one. It starts with the somatization of anxiety which seems to be the cause that, more than anything else, triggers such a situation.

Violent emotions are also believed to be the cause of this problem, as well as physical stress. In short, anything that can put pressure on the body or mind can trigger the phenomenon of stress alopecia.

How do you explain this hair loss as a response to stress? A hormonal component comes into play. There are different types of stress but all push the body to set in motion a defense mechanism. Here, then, that are released in the body cortisol and hormones corticosteroids that can facilitate hair loss.

Whatever the trigger, however, what matters is finding the right solution. Trying to remove the causes of stress by acting directly and decisively on them helps to bring the situation back to normal.