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The 46th International Congress of the Italian Society of Trichology (S.I.Tri.) was held from 23 to 25 May 2024 in Milan, a city renowned for its influence in the fields of fashion, design, finance and culture. The event was attended by leading experts in the field of trichology, offering a unique opportunity to discuss the latest therapeutic and technological innovations in the field. Italian and international speakers addressed topical issues, exploring new therapies, advanced technologies and innovative ways of administering drugs, making the congress an important opportunity for professional updating and exchange.


One of the highlights of the congress was the session on hair transplantation techniques, entitled ‘FUE/STRIP TECHNIQUE: WHEN, HOW AND WHY’. This session was moderated by Dr. Piero Tesauro and Dr. Chiara Insalaco.

Dr. Insalaco led the discussion, bringing to light the various aspects and indications of the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and STRIP (Follicular Unit Transplantation) techniques.

During the session, several experts shared their knowledge and experience. Dr. Robert Haber gave a keynote lecture on ‘FUE vs Strip Surgery: indications, contraindications and methods’, giving a detailed overview of the two techniques and their clinical applications. Marco Toscani discussed combined techniques for dealing with the most complex cases, illustrating how the combination of FUE and STRIP can improve results in difficult situations. Laura Caicedo presented the techniques and indications for long hair transplantation, an approach that can offer significant aesthetic advantages in terms of naturalness and density of the transplanted hair. Russell Knudsen emphasised the importance of surgical versatility, highlighting how the ability to adapt techniques to specific patient needs is crucial to the success of the procedure. Finally, Gaurang Krishna illustrated the ideal approach to advanced baldness, using a mixed FUT and FUE technique with follicular units in the body, demonstrating the effectiveness of an integrated approach to achieve optimal results.

The Role of Dr Chiara Insalaco

In addition to moderating the session, Dr Chiara Insalaco helped guide discussions and ask critical questions, facilitating a productive exchange of ideas between speakers and participants. His presence ensured that the session was informative and useful for all present, offering a comprehensive overview of the FUE and STRIP techniques, their indications, contraindications and methodologies.

The session highlighted the importance of a personalised and multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of baldness. The combined use of FUE and STRIP techniques, together with new technologies and methodologies, represents an advanced frontier in trichological surgery. Participants had the opportunity to deepen the specific indications for each technique, understand the challenges and opportunities offered by the different approaches, and discuss the clinical results obtained in real cases. The interaction between speakers and the audience made it possible to clarify doubts, exchange experiences and build a network of useful contacts for the future.

The S.I.Tri. Congress represented an important opportunity for updating and comparison for all trichological professionals. The sessions devoted to surgical techniques, dermatology and regenerative medicine provided a comprehensive overview of the latest and best practices currently available. The speakers’ presentations, enriched by discussions and questions from the audience, contributed to a stimulating and collaborative environment, in which scientific knowledge was enriched by the contribution of all participants.