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Introduction to Tricopat

In the vast field of trichology, the science that deals with the health and diseases of the hair and scalp, a new player is emerging: the Tricopat. This innovative device represents a breakthrough, designed with the goal of treating and preventing androgenetic alopecia, trichodynia, and other scalp disorders that can cause fragility, thinning, and hair loss in both men and women.

Tricopat is the result of a research project developed within a Scientific and Technological Pole home of CNR and ENEA. Its efficacy has been scientifically validated by the dermatological team of the University of Bologna, one of the most prestigious institutions in the field of dermatological research. This device offers a painless and noninvasive approach to treating hair loss, a problem that afflicts millions of people worldwide.

The Tricopat’s Operation

The Tricopat is not just a device, but a real treatment tool that performs several functions aimed at stimulating hair growth. This is achieved through two main mechanisms: activation to the anagen phase of quiescent hair follicles and metabolic cellular activation of the scalp.

The anagen phase is the active growth phase of the hair life cycle. During this phase, hair follicles are active and produce new hair. By stimulating hair follicles to enter this phase, Tricopat promotes the regrowth of new hair.

Scalp cell metabolic activation, on the other hand, is concerned with optimizing scalp conditions to promote hair growth. This process includes increasing blood circulation, which provides hair follicles with nutrients needed for hair growth, and balancing scalp pH, which can affect hair health.

As a result of this procedure, not only is new hair regrowth achieved, but also hair loss is stopped and the texture, thickness, and shine of the existing hair shaft is increased.

The Skinpatting Technique

One of the most innovative aspects of Tricopat is the use of a patented technique called Skinpatting. This technique consists of a series of dynamic-restructuring actions that, acting synergistically, stimulate hair follicle activity.

Skinpatting includes several procedures, including controlled microdermoincision, which creates microscopic openings in the scalp to facilitatethe passage of growth factors into the dermis and activates blood supply and regenerative processes in the dermis. Similarly, pressure wave stimulation, similar to massage, facilitates penetration of active ingredients, stimulates blood supply and tissue oxygenation.

Iontophoresis, another technique used, is used to draw the active ingredients through the epidermis, functioning as a kind of needle-free injection. Electrostimulation, on the other hand, elicits muscle contraction by causing an alternating tensing and relaxing action on the scalp, which is useful in promoting blood flow and opening the pores of the skin to allow the active ingredients to pass through.

Finally, photostimulation using LED light induces a bioenergetic action of stimulating the metabolic activities of skin cells and hair follicles. This combination of techniques makes the Tricopat a unique device.

The Treatment Protocol

The Tricopat treatment protocol is designed to be as effective as possible while maintaining patient comfort. It provides a course of 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the degree of hair thinning, to be implemented every 3 weeks. Each session takes about 30 minutes, is absolutely painless because it is injection-free and is considered by a proportion of patients to be almost pleasant.

This treatment protocol is designed to be not only effective but also comfortable for the patient. The time required for each session is relatively short, which means that the treatment can be easily incorporated into the patient’s daily routine.

Scientific Findings

Tricopat is not only an innovative device, it is also supported by solid scientific evidence. Work carried out by dermatologists at the University of Bologna on male and female patients with androgenetic alopecia documented at follow-up after 4 and 6 months after treatment with Tricopat technology a significant improvement in hair in all patients characterized by increased hair number and diameter.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of Tricopat in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, one of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women.

Results of Tricopat on humans


Results of Tricopat on women


The Trichogenesis protocol, implemented through the Tricopat equipment, is thus proven to be an effective technique in treating and preventing androgenetic alopecia. This innovation represents a significant step forward in the field of trichology, offering a painless and noninvasive solution for those suffering from hair and scalp problems.

In conclusion, Tricopat represents a breakthrough in trichology, offering new hope for those suffering from hair and scalp problems. Its combination of innovative techniques, painless and noninvasive approach, and scientifically proven results make it a very promising treatment option. With the Tricopat, the treatment and prevention of androgenetic alopecia and other scalp conditions are now more accessible and less stressful for patients. This device represents a significant step forward in the field of trichology, bringing hope and solutions to those struggling with hair loss.

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If you are interested in learning more about Tricopat treatment or would like to begin your journey to thicker, healthier hair, Dr. Insalaco is at your disposal. With her extensive experience in the field of trichology and her expertise in using the Tricopat device, Dr. Insalaco can provide you with all the information you need and guide you through the treatment process. Please feel free to contact Dr. Insalaco to discuss your needs and begin your journey to healthier, fuller hair.