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Toppik is a cosmetic product made to hide hair loss. It has the peculiarity of being able to charge itself electrostatically and anchor itself to the indigenous hair giving the illusion of a thicker hair.

The keratin fibers bind to the hair hiding the transparencies. The product is particularly appreciated by the public for the immediacy of the result. It is used by men and women to increase the volume and density of their scalp.


How does Toppik apply?

In order for the keratin fibers to charge electrostatically, it is necessary to shake the product. It will then be sufficient to drop it on the areas affected by thinning. The product can be evenly distributed using the fingertips. To simplify the anchoring process, you can use the special applicator in the package.


Toppik and other baldness remedies.

Toppik is compatible with drugs such as Minoxidil and Propecia. The use of the product is recommended while taking drug therapies while waiting for them to give the desired results.

Following hair transplant surgery it is advisable to wait a couple of months before applying Toppik again.

Trichology experts recognize the product as harmless and not harmful to hair follicles. It is free of side effects.


Positive aspects of Toppik.

  • What makes the product so popular and appreciated is its psychological contribution to the user. Remember, in fact, that the change of image caused by hair loss can have strong repercussions on the psychological and social sphere of those affected and Toppik represents a quick method to recover the image to which one is accustomed.
  • Toppik is available in 4 sizes (12gr, 27.50gr, 55gr and the 3gr travel bottle) and 9 colors so that the fibers can optically simulate the hair tone.


Negative aspects of Toppik

  • Users complain about the impossibility to use Toppik in complete freedom. In case of swimming pool, sea, showers or downpours the product can be partially removed, although theoretically it should lose its anchorage only if you use a shampoo.
  • Toppik’s resides are often found on sheets, pillows and sofas, as well as on hands if they are passed over the scalp.
  • In addition, Toppik can only be used if the hair is long enough (at least 0.5 mm) and not in completely hairless areas of the scalp.
  • Who is using the product for the first time is not easy to understand what is the right quantity to obtain a natural result. The risk is that, especially in the frontal area, to exaggerate and obtain non homogeneous, excessively saturated and completely unnatural areas.