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The hair falls out and when this happens you start to have quite a bit of fear. The calvizie is, after all, a great bogeyman for those who look in the mirror and see their hair getting thinner and thinner.

After all, the hair loss also has as a consequence of the difficulties of acceptance. It is very difficult, in fact, to accept oneself as one is and one tends to think that even the dearest people can turn their back because of a physical appearance no longer similar to the past.

However, it should also be emphasized that the health of the hair is important, because it tells us so much about the general health of the body.


Hair and health: this is what we can discover

First of all, if hair falls out, there may be problems, more or less serious, at the level of the body. For example, you may discover a cacity of vitamins. In fact, hair also falls out for this reason and, therefore, this is a wake-up call not to be underestimated.

If vitamins are missing, the body weakens and, as a result, the hair also weakens and can fall out. So what to do in these cases? Consuming vitamin-rich foods can be beneficial not only for the hair, but for the body in general, which can only benefit greatly.

But not only this can be discovered thanks to hair loss. There are also other aspects that need to be taken into account. For example, the hair is also thinning due to hormonal changes. Therefore, if you notice that there is more hair on the comb or brush than usual or if you notice that it is thinning, it may be because of this. Pregnancy, menopause are periods in which hair falls out more precisely because of hormonal changes. If this happens in situations that do not coincide with these periods of life, then it is useful to go and do some specific analysis to find out whether or not the hormones are in order.

Continuing on, hair loss can also be caused by stress. Therefore, this could tell us that we are subjecting our body to tensions that also negatively affect the scalp. Caution, when we talk about alopecia from stress it must also be emphasized that the situation is reversible and that, eliminated the cause that generates tension, you can get back a healthy and thick hair.

But it is not enough. Hair loss can also be a warning light that indicates the presence of some disease. For example, the Lupus erythematosus systemic has as alarm bell just the hair loss. Also in this case, therefore, it is good to investigate thoroughly what it is, understand the causes of the disease and eliminate them where possible, so as to have a perfect hair again.

As you can see, hair says a lot about the state of health and, therefore, can not be overlooked, because they send out signals that sometimes are so clear that they could solve problems that could endanger the whole organism. For this reason, the intervention of an expert trichologist can be essential.